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7 Easy Hacks to Level Up Your Software Development Game

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Software Development has many facades, somewhat like our planet earth. No matter how much we think we know the earth, it always surprises us with its bewitching wonders. The same goes for software development. Software development includes creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software. The definition itself lays down the different aspects of software development. When you are just starting out in software development there are various languages, libraries, and frameworks that you have to learn. However, as a software developer gains months of experience, he or she might start to feel stagnated. And then the question that often arises in his/her mind is – ‘how to improve as a software developer?‘ or ‘how to become a better software developer?


In this article, we have put together a few most-effective hacks to level up your software development game or improve your software development skills when you have hit a plateau. The following tips are relevant for any developer who wants to challenge themselves and keep on learning. If you have been feeling worn out quite often, we suggest you take a short break. A short rest is a proven way to become a more productive developer or a more effective software developer. Now with a refreshed mind let’s go through the tips for software developers.  

1. Experiment Through Live Projects

Live projects are a great way to experiment and implement new codes and frameworks. A full-time software development job in a tech giant can sometimes limit the developer to one language, platform, or framework. To learn new programming languages, frameworks and increase code readability, you can start your own live project. This way you can try different approaches to solve one single problem or design an intricate application with new functionalities. You might also consider interning with startups or a big tech company.  

2. Brainstorm By Collaborating  

Collaborations can be a fun and enriching experience. You can reach out to your fellow colleagues, college mates, or community members for an interesting live project. Collaborations tweak up your interpersonal communication in addition to your aptitude. When you collaborate with other software developers you undergo several rounds of meet and brainstorming sessions, this way you get to interact with and learn from these software developers which might help you gain a fresh perspective. Not only that but you get to meet great people and build valuable connections. These great people can bring valuable insights, feedback, and advice.  

3. Take Up Those Challenges and Build Communities 

Challenges are fun especially if they have a prize at stake. You might have participated in several coding contests for students when you were in your college. And coding contests are usually advised for beginner software developers but these are equally great for intermediate and expert software developers. When you do participate in these contests – try to build an application with minimal bugs while making the code as simple as you can. Also, try to build an application that you have always wanted to build. Use multiple frameworks and libraries.  

There are numerous online communities that you might want to consider joining. To name a few these are GitHub, StackOverflow, Reddit, etc. These communities provide useful resources, and sometimes, solutions to a lot of software development problems.  

4. Explore the Unknown  

You might have thought of venturing into different languages, platforms, and frameworks. Some of you might have ventured into this unknown and some of you might be in the process. But for those who haven’t let us point out a few good reasons to do so. There are several programming languages each with its own set of functions, attributes, and structure. It’s not just the syntax but also the different functions these languages offer that make learning multiple languages fun and high-yielding. It helps developers grow careers in the software industry because of the flexibility that accompanies cross-platform and cross-languages. Software development has many aspects and if you have always been stuck with just one or two aspects try to go for the other aspects.  

5. Teach to Learn  

There are several quotes that suggest that teaching is perhaps the best way to learn and understand what is being taught. If you have been a software developer for a good few years and are feeling burnt out, teaching might bring a breath of fresh air to you. Teach coding and programming to a new developer or just about anyone who is willing to learn it. You can also choose to mentor a junior developer in your company. Standing in the shoes of the teacher will make you come up with different ways to implement and solve a problem. It will help you to look at the problems from a different perspective.

6. Work With a Startup  

Startups function in a highly competitive and flexible environment. There are seldom set tasks assigned to one specific person, people often do multi-tasks. Startups are known for throwing challenges to their employees, these result in a progressive work environment. As a software developer at a start-up, you will learn 10 different things at one time, you will also be required to perform several tasks not limited to software development. You will also be rewarded with the responsibility of handling the task, and with time you might become one of the key members of the startup.  

7. Follow the Developments and Trends

Since software development is an ever-evolving field, a software developer is required to stay updated with every new development trend that takes place in software development. Just like Apple introduced Swift to phase out the dependence on Objective C – new languages, frameworks, platforms, libraries, etc. are developed and brought into practice every now and then. Along with languages and frameworks, there are also different technologies that are taking over software development. To make sure you are not missing out on the latest software development trends, keep in touch with the online communities.  


These are just some of the things that you can do, there are tons of other things that you can consider. Also, don’t forget to experiment and take a break. You can find different tasks and projects or design one for yourself. Come up with ways that will intrigue your curiosity. Learn by interacting with fellow colleagues, college friends, or mentors. Experiential learning is one of the best ways to learn to program. Now that you have gone through these hacks or tips we hope the coming months will be fun and full of challenges!

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Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2021
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