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6 Common Myths About Campus Placements

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College is that time of life when you step out of the sheltered school life and step into adult life where you’ve to decide which career path to choose. College life offers many opportunities to flourish your skills and develop life-changing skills that will help you get into your dream company. But colleges also have downsides that you don’t get to experience unless you see them for yourself. These assumptions and myths about colleges and their campus placement can easily mislead you into daydreaming about placement and job-hunting.

Myths About Campus Placements

So, let’s debunk 6 top campus placement myths:

6 Campus Placement Myths

Myth #1: Bagging a job is only possible through on-campus placement

This is one of the biggest myths every student heard about where getting a good job is only possible through on-campus placement. This statement isn’t true. One can get a job through off-campus placement as well. On-campus placement often has limited seats with an inflexible salary package whereas off-campus placement offers a wide range of companies looking out for true talent and offer eye-grabbing salary if you’re skilled enough and have enough work to showcase. You can check the below article to know how to get a job in top companies through off-campus placement.

To crack your on campus placement, refer to the article – Placement Preparation

Myth #2: One can’t get a job if he/she starts job preparation in the 4th Year of college

If someone ever advised you before to start your job preparation while you were in 2nd year of college, they were correct about it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t land a job if you’re in 4th year of college. Starting early for campus placement is undoubtedly a smart move but if you couldn’t prepare beforehand, you’ve to do extra hard work in your 4th year. 

You can consider practicing mock interviews and the DSA Sheet to get an understanding of what will be asked in interviews if you’re applying for the SDE role. GeeksforGeeks offers a Complete Interview Preparation – Self-Paced course that will prepare you for the role of SDE for both product and service-based companies. 

Myth #3: 100% assured job guarantee through campus placement

This is an absolute myth where colleges parade around claiming that they provide a 100% assured job guarantee through campus placement. No colleges can give you a 100% job guarantee if you’re not skilled enough and meet the eligibility criteria for getting placed. Colleges put claims like this on their brochure to promote their institution and attract new students who get tempted by reading the company names where they might get assured their dream job if they take admission. 

Myth #4: One can’t negotiate salary during campus placement selection

If you’ve been told that the salary you’ll get is fixed and non-negotiable, it’s not right. Salaries for new grads are typically quite well determined after comprehensive market research. Companies will consider the projects you worked on, and your performance during interviews, before considering the salary bucket. So, only go for negotiation when you’re sure about your worth. 

During the negotiation process, you are likely to get muddled or nervous. As the recruiter is aware that you are looking for your first job and may be persuaded to accept a lower offer, they are likely to utilize the situation to their advantage. A scenario like this may be won simply by being cool and composed. If being cool and composed is difficult, use breathing exercises to help you calm down during stressful times. Chances are, you will conduct the interview graciously and effectively, and the outcomes will be in your favor.

Make sure to focus on your achievements. A re-examination of your abilities and talents will demonstrate that you will be a benefit to the company. If you do this, you will be politely conveying to the interviewer that if he/she is to recruit you, it must come with better terms, and losing you is absolutely a loss.

Myth #5: Top tech MAANG companies like Google, Amazon, Meta, and others exclusively hire from Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges’ campus placements

This is one of the most common myths among students, and it is completely false. Even if you graduated from a tier-3 college, you can still get into your dream company, provided you have the necessary aptitude and abilities. All you need is commitment and perseverance to work hard. 

MAANG companies like Google, Amazon, and others overlook educational qualifications while screening candidates often. So, you got the required skills, projects and a perfect resume that will highlight your achievements, you too can also get into the biggest tech firms. You can reach out to Google, Meta, and other MAANG companies through off-campus recruitment. 

Want to create a resume that can impress recruiters the moment they lay their eyes on? GeeksforGeeks got your back! With our Free Online Resume Building, you can build the perfect resume that will show that you only strive for greatness and is the perfect choice for the company.  

Myth #6: It’s okay to skip a scheduled campus interview.

Well, it’s a big deal if you don’t turn up for a campus interview. Colleges put emphasis on on-campus recruitment and want students to attend them for the companies to make a head count and come to recruit students for the next season. Being absent from a college recruitment event can result in a temporary (up to a year) or permanent suspension. 

You would face such a ban since failing to show up for a scheduled appointment disappoints the recruiters who were hoping to speak with you. They may even become enraged and refuse to return to your school for interviews. Even if they give you another opportunity, they are unlikely to hire you because you have already demonstrated an unprofessional demeanor. So, ensure that you take campus interviews seriously and show up like you would if it was your dream company’s interview. 

Final Thought

Campus placement is an exciting and nerve-racking event. You’re thrilled to have landed a job, but you’re still as concerned as ever that everything goes well. The organization, your work profile, and your compensation are all crucial forecasters of your future career. And campus recruitment is the first step to your lucrative career. Ensure that you attempt the on-campus interviews with a clear mind and a good attitude without being misled by on-campus placement myths.

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Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2023
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