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56th Constitutional Amendment Act: Goa Full-Fledged State

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  • Last Updated : 23 Aug, 2022
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The constitutional amendment for Goa made it one of India’s most populous and visited destinations globally. It is a precious emerald situated in the western coastal region of India with a diverse landmass. In 1961, the Portuguese amended the constitution to make Goa flourish as an independent state with a rich background. The 56th Constitutional Amendment for Goa plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country.

Until 30th May 1987, the State was part of the Union Territory of Goa, Daman, and Diu. But after executing the 56th Constitutional Amendment for Goa, it was declared a separate state. Goa is one of the most beautiful countries with a diverse landmass. The State is covered by one-third of forest and others ranging from beaches, resorts, etc. Goa is also referred to as a “party town” by the local people. Though it is a small state, it has a perfect administration. Goa is remarkably special in the Indian constitution as a separate state. The execution of the 56th Amendment made Goa a vital tourist destination globally.

Historical Background of Goa:

In 1961, Goa winged up their hands with independence; the 450 years of struggle with the Portuguese ended. In 1962, the Parliament of India enacted the twelfth Constitutional amendment act, making Goa an independent state. Initially, the parts of Goa, Daman, and Diu were considered in Schedule I of the Indian constitution. Later on, they were declared one of the Union territories of India. It enhanced the power of Goa to make independent conclusions about potential decisions in the administration. The Konkani language and people with Konkani backgrounds got high privileges in the Goa administration.

In 1987, Goa has finally declared a separate state under the 56th Amendment of the Indian constitution. Thus, the 56th Amendment of the Indian constitution plays a vital role in the growth and development of Goa. After becoming a separate state, Goa was allowed to have its own Public Service Commission under Article 315 of the Indian constitution. The foremost and first Chairman of the independent state, Goa, was Dr J.C. Almeida, a retired IAS officer.

What is the 56th Amendment?

In 1987, Constitutional 56th Amendment Act grants Goa independence and creates the Union Territory comprising Daman & Diu. As a result, Goa has become the Indian Nation’s 25th state. The state assembly of Goa consists of nearly 30 members. The amendment strengthened the state legislature of Goa.

Objectives of the 56th Amendment:

  • The amendment plays an essential role in the Indian constitution. It makes a person an outstanding citizen. The various amendments ensure and secure the arbitrary power of the Indian body. Hence, the execution of amendments in the country strives for the state to be more productive.
  • The 56th Amendment Act of 1987 established a minimum of 30 members for the Goa Legislative Council.

Interesting Facts Related to Goa:

  • Over 450 years of struggle ended in 1961, and Goa is currently flourishing as an independent state with a rich background.
  • Nearly 23 years have passed since Goa acquired a special status. After attaining independence, it concentrated more on development projects in education, tourism, and personal growth.
  • More importance was also given to the Konkani language. Gradually, the State’s population also increased.
  • As a Union Province, all Gazetted Category “A” and “B” positions were filled via the UPSC. The Union Public Service Commission was in charge of all aspects of their service, including promotions, confirmation, seniority, recruiting guidelines, disciplinary concerns, and so on.


The 56th Amendment of the Indian constitution is one of the essential aspects of Goa’s history. It not only gave a special status to Goa but also made Goa one of the developing countries in the Nation. It has built Goa’s particular culture, and its uniqueness will blossom and grow forever. Thus, Goa has always had a remarkable place in India’s history.


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