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[24]7 Innovation Labs Interview Experience (6 Months Experience)

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Round 1:(Hackerrank Test)
Q1: Binary tree mirror image check ( )

Q2: Stack reversal in place // just the function (

Q3: Kendanes algorithm (

Did the last two but there was some problem in the first question. output was half correct, passed the round.

Round 2:(Tech-F2f)
-Delete nth node in linked list from beginning

-Delete nth node in linked list from ending

-Internal implementation of Hashmap

-LRU cache Implementation

-Merge point of two linked list.

Round 3:(Tech f2f)

-Talk briefly about my project and stuffs that i was involved in

-He asked me why did i went to bank and started working as a part timer, i said i wanted to go work for MC Donalds or Swiggy delivery boy, the moment i said that he started laughing.

-Check if a List has a LOOP in it.

-Print a matrix in spiral order.

-Linked List AntiClock wise Rotation(just approach).

-Dynamic Programming Problem(Extended version of Fibonacci Series).

Round 4:(Tech f2f)

-This was more of a design kind of round

-As our company mainly works on Chat bots, do u know how to Slack Intergration and to build a Architecture system, I explained the stuff that i could and said this is the max thing what i can come up with, dont know wheather it was appropriate to it.

Round 5:(Director round)
-How was the day.

-What is the most interesting question you have been posed today.

-What is it that you have learnt today.

-Give me a brief about your work.

Round 6:(Bar Raiser)

– Given a singly linked list, write a recursive method to reverse every 2 nodes in the list.
(just approach)

-Again discussion of previous role and about the projects I have worked on.

-Tell me 3 things that you want to learn/change in yourself.

-He asked me some question related to Backtracking, i said i dont know.

-Again discussion on “Tell me about yourself” and “Projects/Internship”.

Round 7:(HR round)(just for show)

Behavioral questions like why are you leaving current company, why 24*7, what technologies do you want to learns and work on etc ?

Normal HR questions, why this and why that.

AIM only for product companies even if it takes time, prepare for tight interview rounds coz they pay GOOD and product companies PREFER guys from Previous Product Companies ONLY or guys with(IITs, NITs, BITs, IIITs) tag.

If you want higher payscales prepare for minimum 14 rounds & target PRODUCT START UPS instead of PRODUCT MNCS.


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Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2018
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